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3rd prize winner of the most investable women-Led GreenTech innovation sponsored by Village Capital and VISA Foundation. Climate Proof is leading the world's first cross-border transactions network, building trust, transparency and accessibility of the voluntary carbon market. (Read more)

Council adopts key pieces of legislation delivering on 2030 climate targets.

'Fit for 55': The Council adopted five laws that will enable the EU to cut greenhouse gas emissions within the main sectors of the economy, while making sure that the most vulnerable citizens and micro-enterprises, as well as the sectors exposed to carbon leakage, are effectively supported in the climate transition. (Read more)

"Carbon credit validity check" - We are very proud to launch our first product last week with Cambridge Institue for Sustainability Leadership at the University of Cambridge. If you are about to buy carbon offset or already bought carbon offset, we will be delighted to hear from you. (Read more)

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